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My name is Ije and I can help. Please feel free to contact me.

Life experiences brought me this far and I’m here because I did not give in. I couldn’t envision the kind of illness that would keep someone so down that they lack the ability to carry out their day-to-day chores and so I began my journey as a counsellor. With my training, supervision, and counselling work with clients, I have a clearer understanding about individual issues and from different perspectives

My passion to help and support people have been my unwavering drive to providing a hand holding, enabling space and soft-landing bedrock for those going through their life’s journies and difficulties. I work with people with varied presenting issues. Means tested Low cost counselling available (depending on client's income.)


What Clients Are Saying

Oasisi Of Calm
“Thank you so much for being my therapist and helping me manage myself better.”


Oasisi Of Calm
“Thank you so much Ije. I am still here because you did not give up on me.”


Oasisi Of Calm
"I want to thank you for your committment over the last year to work with young people in nthe school, and that you recognise the positive impact you have made to each of them. It's been so good having you be part of the team at...... and we will miss our chats."


Oasisi Of Calm
"Your passion to help people is undenaible and I felt that all through my sessions. Thank you Ije"


Hello Ije, Thank you for the activities which will be very useful. I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me this year. I feel like you really took your time to build an amazing trusting relationship with me which allowed me to safely share my thoughts. You got to know me and we’re always so adaptable to my needs. You have genuinely made me feel more confident I myself and helped me learn to love myself more. You have helped me to feel more like me. I will definitely miss our sessions, but I also feel so accomplished and well equipped from working with you. All the best! GL

Thank you for being there for me when everyone else left me. I am still here because you didn't give up on me. Thank you Ije.

I consent to Ije Nweze collecting my details contained in this form. Please contact me directly by email or phone if you do not consent. 

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